Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Beginning of the Cyborg Revolution is Love

I love my computer and would refuse
a future without it. We are
each to each tied by sturdy filaments.
We are one.

I would never abandon it. Our
boundaries are blurred. It
anticipates me, we flow.
The whirr of its waking thrills
me. Where we will go today?
Who will we see?

I give myself to it endlessly.
It knows my fantasies and failures,
it is closer to my thoughts than
any living thing.

This kind of love is not redemptive--
it spends itself without return.
We are implicated, implied glyphs.
It lessens my soul. We share my soul.
It is the glory and its higher glory.
It has replaced magic, miracle,
and myth. It is not a faddish
obsession with power. It is an
act of fear, like all love.


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